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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time of Tides by Mark Woods

Time of Tides

What if Global Warming wasn't just down to Climate Change? What if it was down to something else? 

As the worst storm of all time hits the entire globe and as all across the world rivers burst their banks and the oceans start to rise, one family take to the Norfolk Broads to try and escape the floods. Little do they know their nightmare is just beginning...because as they are about to find out, nowhere is safe!

My first time reading an ebook and the first release by this interesting new author.

A success on both counts.

If this is the first novel released by this author then he has a long and prosperous career ahead of him, or at least he should have.

I found the story very believable in a horror other worldly sort of way and I found it very easy to read as it flowed nicely. There was no waste of words with unnecessary scene setting or fluffy descriptions. He just got on with the story which was based on a great idea. I actually wanted the book to be slightly longer as I wanted to know more about what happened next (perhaps there is a sequel planned!) and he could have taken more time in the middle to explain the whole story of the Lloiger and what they were doing to the planet. I thought the explanation by the scientist a bit rushed for me. I found that I just wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen next, which, to me, is one of the signs of a good book.

Why did I deduct one point? Well it is really a half point deduction but that is not allowed. I may be picky here but I felt the characters sounded American in the first few pages and then they settled down to being British. There was also some words repeated within a few sentences of each other which I felt should not have happened. One example, "back from out of her reverie" and then on the same page referring to the same character "woke her from her reverie". Oh, I know I am being picky but just trying to help a first time writer become a great established one.

Well done Mr Woods and I look forward to your next release.

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