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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Upscaler ideas needed

Ok fellow upscalers, who can give me some inspiration.

I have this table, which is another old piece of furniture from the family home.  It is a pretty shape but in dire need of a refurb as it is scratched and ringed. 

But what to do with it!  I think I want to paint over the wood as the room it is in has a lot of wood in it.  It sits in the corner of our Formal Dining Room and is a very useful table for sitting the wine and spirits or the food overflow when one is entertaining guests.

My initial thoughts were to prime and paint it (no idea what colour) and then to do some sort of decal on the top of it.  Something like these ones from pinterest, although different pictures or words.

I also toyed with the idea of turning the underneath into a wine rack.  We don't really need more space for wine as we have quite a large wine rack and, quite frankly, wine doesn't stay in the rack long in this house, but I thought it looked quite pretty much like in this picture.
Julius Wine Table  
So your ideas, advice and any links to help me with my project.  Thanks Xx 

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  1. That table looks perfect for country-themed homes. I think it will look more beautiful if it was primed and painted in white with a worn or weathered look. Anyway, I’m curious on how you worked this one out. Any updates?

    Ian Hawkins @ Wickerworks of Brownsburg