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Monday, November 19, 2012

Foodie Penpal - November 2012

I have been looking for some inspiration for my blog and when I saw a post on one of my book forums (readitswapit.co.uk) about the Foodie Penpal scheme I thought it was a great idea.  It started in America on the Lean Green Bean blog (Foodie penpal) and is a great idea where you are paired up with 2 separate people - one to send a parcel to and one to send a parcel to you.  It is a fun way to get in touch with other bloggers (and some non bloggers as well) and receive some fun parcels.

This first month I was paired with Adrienne (http://CrackthePlates.com) to send something to me,  a vegan Blogger who is very passionate about ingredients.  I got quite a cornucopia of herbs and spices and pastes along with a lovely note describing each one.

Included is Tarragon, herbes de provence, oregano, sage, fennel, cajun spice and whole cardamom.
Masaman and Green curry paste.
Coconut milk.
Basil Seeds and Dried Galangal.
Toasted Seaweed.
Various St. Dalfour Organic teas.

Ok so now the fun really begins when I decide what to make with each one.  I was so excited I had four recipes already looked out within an hour of opening the package and that was while I was trying to cook the evening meal!

So here are the recipes I am going to start with.  I will post the full recipes on separate blogs for anyone who would like to try them.

Chicken and shrimp Thai green curry - this uses the Green curry paste and the coconut milk and luckily I had all the other ingredients in my store cupboard - great way to use up those kaffir lime leaves and nam pla.

Cajun Chicken with Chili Cream Sauce - to use the cajun spice.

Beef Casserole with sage cobbler - this uses the oregano and the sage (recipe says fresh sage but I will just substitute the dried).

Roasted chicken - to use the sage as well.

Thai Fish Cakes - uses the dried galangal.  I must admit I had never heard of this ingredient before I received my package so who knew I actually had a recipe that required it.  This is what I am going to love about the Foodie Penpal scheme, bringing a myriad of new and exciting ingredients to my kitchen.

Chicken and Roast Aubergine Biryani - to use the cardamom seeds from the pods.

Beef Kofta Curry - to use the Fennel and whole cardamom pods.  One of my favourite Indian inspired recipes - you can tell as my little recipe card is all stained and puckered.

Please give me some of your ideas and inspiration to use the rest of the spices.

I do apologise to Adrienne for not going vegan with her ingredients (what can I say I am a carnivore) but I will keep on reading her blog to get some ideas for a least one meat-free day each week.

I was paired up to send a package to Jennifer (http://blog.jenn-mann.com/).  Watch this space to see what I sent and what she thought about it!!!

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  1. Great first parcel Hazel - so pleased it worked well for you xx