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Sunday, October 14, 2012

There's an Elephant in the Bathtub by Roger Bradfield

Theres an Elephant in the Bathtub, A Whitman Giant Tell-A-Tale Book

Written and Illustrated by the famous illustrator, Roger Bradfield (http://www.rogerbradfield.com/bio.html), this is a charming children's book from 1964.  Another of the gems passed onto Hannah by Her Aunty Vicki.
The story is about Timothy Wicks who has such a wonderful imagination that if he shuts his eyes and imagines something then it is actually there in the room although he is the only person that can actually see it.

It works on two levels.  A charming children's story that my daughter adores and regularly requests, as well as a lesson for adults about taking notice of children properly and what they are trying to say.

The illustrations are a lovely combination of simple pen sketches and quite, colourful art work that combines to give a book that holds a two year olds attention perfectly.

It is such an old copy of the book, that I am worried about it being damaged and would love to get a more modern, board book, type copy of it so that I can keep this one safe while still reading the story to Hannah.

One you should definitely look out for at old book sales.

One question is did raise for me is what is the proper spelling of the word cooky/cookie.  I would have normally spelt it cookie for singular but in the book it is spelt cooky, which does actually make more sense if the plural is cookies.  What do you think?

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