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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham

Be Nice to Spiders

When Billy left his pet spider, Helen, at the Zoo, the animals suddenly became happy and contented. The lions snoozed all day long, the elephants enjoyed their baths, and the zebras ate their hay in peace -- all because Helen was spinning webs and catching flies.

But one day Helen's webs were swept away. The Keeper had the cages cleaned for the Mayor's inspection tour. Soon the flies were back again and the animals were miserable once more. But not for long...

Children will be fascinated and amused by the way Helen solved the problem and won a permanent place of honor for herself in the Zoo.

Margaret Bloy Graham's pictures match the wit and charm of her delightful story

Another charmer from Aunt Vicki.  Published in 1967, it is slightly dated but this almost adds to it's charm.

The story is simple with the moral that everything is useful and has a place in the world. 

The ending annoyed me a little bit and I will quote the last page.

"And Billy was right.  A few days later, out of the egg sac came lots of little spiders.
From then on, Helen and her children and all the animals in the Zoo lived happily ever after"

Anyone who has read Charlotte's Web will know that once Helen has that little egg sac she is not long for this world!   Ok, I know, my daughter is only two but I don't believe in always teaching her happily ever after, what is wrong with a bit of realism.

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