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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Arts & Crafts from Things around the house by Imogene Forte

This book shows children that a variety of fun, attractive, and useful creations can be made from simple materials readily available in the form of household throwaways and scraps.  Each easy- to follow activity invites creativity and allows children to discover the thrill and reward of accomplishment.

I inherited this book from my friend Vicki, again from her pile of childhood books.  I think it is out of print but just in case anyone comes across it in their travels I thought I would do a small review anyway.

A nice size book with just the right amount of craft activities so that you don't get overwhelmed going through them.  The ingredients/materials are clearly listed and the instructions for each craft are simple.  One criticism is that some of the materials are not things you would just have lying around the house as the book cover suggests.  For Example, 1 packet cold water dye or dried corn husks - I certainly don't have these just hanging around my house.

It does start with a chapter called "Wait! Don't throw it away" which gives you some idea of what items to keep and store for future craft use.

Some of the crafts are also more for the adult helping the child than something a young child does themselves but still all good experience for the child to get involved with, even if the adult is doing all the crafting.

Good ideas for crafts but some prior planning and preparation is required for each craft, so don't expect to just pick this book up on a rainy day and go.

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