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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Frightful's Mountain (Mountain, #3)

It is illegal to harbor an endangered bird, so when Frightful returns to Sam, the boy who raised her, he has to chase her away. Frightful doesn’t know how to live alone in the wild, and she can’t feed herself, mate, brood chicks, or migrate. She struggles to survive and gradually learns to enjoy her new freedom. But Frightful feels a bond with Sam that can never be broken, and more than anything else, she wants to return to him. 

After reading the first two books I thought it would be quite cute to read the last in the "trilogy" which appeared 40 years after the first title's publication in 1959. Written because a young fan asked, "What happened to Frightful?"  I thought this was a lovely reason to write a book and expected a nice read.

I closed it and put it away after only 84 pages.  I do not like books that are written from an animals point of view via their thought processes and movements when they are made out to behave like humans.  This humanisation of birds and animals is something that has always annoyed me.  They just don't feel the same emotions as us or go through the same thought processes, even if they have been brought up by a human.

It also read like an instruction manual on how to be a Falconer and I just wasn't that interested in that.

So I put the book away unread, never to be read, and decided to just leave it to my own imagination about what happened to Frightful.  Now I may hear that I should have read on to find out more about how Sam is living but, again, I just wasn't that interested.

A disappointing end to an ok series.  Perfect if you like books about Birds of Prey and books from an animal/birds viewpoint but just not for me.  0 stars out of 5 as not completed.

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