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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's in our food?

I have never been one to really bother that much about what is in my food. I eat kind of healthily but am not too bothered about buying organic or reading food labels. Well that all changed since I have started making some of my own baby food and I truly cannot believe what goes into some, seemingly, healthy foods.

For Example, frozen peas. In my innocence I expected the ingredients to be just that, peas and perhaps a little water but no, on closer inspection in seems that most brands of frozen peas have salt or sugar added and some have both! Why would you want sugar added to your frozen peas or salt for that matter, but I never add salt to my food. So I eventually find a pack that is just peas and move on to the canned goods aisle.

A tin of sweetcorn in water. Fairly innocuous you say but no. Again most of them have salt and sugar added and some have other ingredients that I have not even heard of. Ten minutes later I find a tin marked "No salt added" that does not have anything else added either.

Is this just in America because of the greater choices they seem to have in Grocery stores or is this a worldwide phenomenon? Don't even get me started on the American obsession with putting Cinnamon in everything!
It would appear that it would be a lot easier for me to just buy ready made baby food and it seems it would be a lot healthier as baby food over here is heavily regulated by the FDA (the American Food and Drugs administration) and cannot have anything other than pure ingredients added to it. It is also, probably, cheaper to buy it ready made as well as by the time I buy all the ingredients it works out quite expensive to make myself.
But in the end it is worth it because when you see this little face after a tasty homecooked dinner, it is worth all the effort and the extra time reading the labels in the grocery store.

Bon Appetit. Xx

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