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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There is a first time for everything by Hannah Keating

Well Mama has been very slow in updating her blog so I thought I would take it upon my own shoulders to give you an update. They do say sleep when Mama sleeps but I thought I would put nap time to good use on this occasion.

Well she can't really complain about me being up as I now sleep for 13 hours every night. Papa usually puts me to sleep at 6.30p.m. after I allow him to read me a bedtime story from my wonderful tbr list and then I get awoken at about 7.30a.m. in the morning for a feed and snuggle with Mama in bed.

I survived my 4 month Doctors appointment where I weighed 15lbs and was 26 inches long. I played a trick on Mama as well. She was just telling the Doctor that I had not been flipping over from my front to my back like the books say I should so just after the words were out her mouth I decided to flip over right there on the Doctors table. That will teach her to doubt me. Do you know what she did then, she blooming well got a nurse to stick a needle in my thigh with something called a vaccination. Mad, I very nearly called child services on them but after a cuddle from Papa I decided not to as they are generally quite good to me.

I also decided to start eating solids after this Doctors visit. Mama had been planning to discuss this with the Doctor but he actually brought it up first and thought that even though I am quite young I was so big I was ready to start on some simple solids. So I have been munching my way through oatmeal and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. I love most things but not a huge fan of carrots, not surprising as Mama does not like carrots much either but quite funny since Mama filled the freezer with lots of pureed carrots that I just won't eat. I also rewarded her efforts with some really nice big poos which were particularly pungent.

Now I am eating solids I thought it was about time to get some more exercise so I thought I would have Mama and Papa take me swimming. I really enjoy it and we have found a lovely indoor pool just ten minutes from the house which has a childrens pool and lots of slides for when I am a bit older. It even has a diving pool and I was made to watch Papa do some of his dives last time we all went together. It will be great practice for when the family outdoor pool is opened in late spring, early summer and I can have lots of fun with Mama having a swim each day to cool down.

We have had a bit of snow recently so we have not been able to get out for our daily walks as the pavements are covered. We also had a power cut for two days which was not much fun. Mama made me sleep in with her to keep her warm and we spent our days huddled in front of the log fire to keep warm. Mama found it hard work but apart from my baby wipes being ice cold I it didn't really affect me much.

We had a horrible drive through a snow storm as well. Mama took me to drop Papa off at the metro for a business dinner down town when the snow was just starting and what should have been a ten minute drive back home turned into a two hour marathon drive through a blizzard. Poor Mama had white knuckles but our good four wheel drive car got us home safe and sound where others had to spend the night in their cars or abandon them and walk home in the storm. I complained a little bit as I was hungry and it was past my dinner time but I quickly realised there was not much Mama could do for me so decided to have a short nap. I was rudely awakened when we got home and found the power was out and poor Mama had to climb over the snow from the car to the front door as the garage door would not open. Luckily I have my dinner cold anyway and didn't fuss about it to give Mama a break.
It is difficult to remember all I have been up to as I seem to be so busy these days. Oh I nearly forgot to mention I have just got my passport through ready for my trip back to the UK. Mama keeps going on and on about how she can't believe I have an American passport. I tried to put on my best passport "glaikit" face for the picture and I think I succeeded.
I am really looking forward to my trip back to the UK and dispensing lots of cuddles where I can - I love cuddles!
I also went to my first library play group. It is called Mother Goose story time and is on once a month at our local library. Miss Stephanie took it and she was very nice and we did shapes and had a lovely story from her. Mama also bought me two books at the library book sale, they were only 50 cents each. We plan to go back next month for story time again and to a couple of other fairly local libraries that do a similar class on different days. I believe it is never too early to use your local library and mine has a lovely kids play room and computers just for us kids to use. Once I think I am old enough I will take Mama along and show her how to use them.
Well I think that is all from me for now as it is time to wake Mama from her nap and get her to feed me my dinner. Hope everyone is as well as I am.
With love
Hannah xx


  1. Good Girl Hannah! you type really well for a wee one, and what she doesn't know won't hurt her for a while! Hope you get to taste warm food soon.... you will like it better, I promise!

  2. Ah, such a cutie and so clever too, just like her Mummy! Funnily enough Luke did the same thing at his 4 month check up when I was just saying that he couldn't flip over - you kids do like to keep us on our toes! Big hugs to you and your Mummy and hope to see you for a cuddle or three during the Summer. Txx