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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Signed off by the Doctor

Well I have had my six week check up with my OB/GYN and I saw Doctor Osmun the Doctor that delivered Hannah and saved me! All is well and everything has healed up nicely, or so he says, I can't see myself!!! The funniest part was when he started contraception and if we were going to have another baby. After I had picked myself up off the floor from laughing hysterically we agreed that never would be a good time to go through all that again. He has a good sense of humour as well and makes the whole "poking" around bearable. Hannah was with me and it was a nice moment seeing her staring at the man who delivered her and the first face she encountered in this world. I then moved back into the waiting room and fed Hannah and while I was doing that I bumped into a girl that was at our Prenatal classes. We had a lovely chat and she had a baby girl as well who was a big 9 lbs as well. I forgot to give her my phone number before I left which is a shame as we got on quite well in the 20 minutes we were chatting and it would have been nice to have a play date with her.
Anyway back to contraception. It is not something I have had to give a lot of thought to in the last 18 years ( or so I believed) so the options are all a bit scary. They are also limited by the fact that I am breast feeding. Any advice is appreciated and if you are shy, please do give me it by private message or email.

What else is happening? Well we have moved house. Hannah is thriving and is really tall and big already. We are all off to Boston this weekend for a wedding. It will be Hannahs first ever flight and I am quite nervous about it as I always hated screaming babies on planes. Lets hope she is well behaved. If she screams I will just have to pop out my Booby and latch her on, that usually works!

Well will report how it all goes after the weekend.

I am trying to organise some time away from Hannah at the moment. All my RISI pals are following this. So hopefully I will have a dinner out with Vicky next week for a couple of hours and then a girls Spa day at the Elizabeth Arden spa next Sunday while Jarlath and my Mother in law watch Hannah. Having the two of them there to look after her makes me at ease as there is back up if anything happens, which I am sure it won't.

Well rambled on long enough for now. love to all. Xx

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