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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick Preggers update

I have been very remiss about blogging over the last couple of months and I apologise for that. I have lots to write but just can't seem to concentrate enough to put it all into written word. My brain is so mushy that I can't even seem to concentrate long enough to knit or do any sorts of crafts.

So thought I would give a quick update on the pregnancy as I have now reached 37 weeks which is classed as full term and the baby is fully cooked in there.

Had a doctors appointment yesterday - I now get them every week and they involve the ever lovely internal, two finger salute to check on the cervix and position of baby.

My Blood Platelet count from last weeks blood test was too low at 117 so they repeated the blood tests and will advise if it has gone back up or if it is stable. Nothing serious for now but may mean limited options at birth if too low as clotting issues or that they will induce labour early if it keeps going down.

Weight is still going up and I am way over the recommended average gain but not too worried because it is still all baby and the doctor says I could do with an extra 10 pounds to begin with!

Blood Pressure 120 over 70 which is higher than my normal but perfectly fine for average BPs

Cervix is open 1 cm and softening! So I guess I missed the mucus plug coming out. At least this means my body is getting itself ready.

Baby is head down. Again good as I was worried for a while as she was sitting across the way with her feet sticking out my side and a breech position like that would have meant a caesarean. She has been head down now for the last two weeks so looking good.

Bump measures 36cm which is spot on for time of pregnancy. I may get an additional scan though due to the Keating history of giant babies as the Doctor says because I am so tall and have a long torso that I still could be hiding a larger baby in there but nothing to worry about at the moment. I am not sure whether I want a scan I would rather everything just started naturally and then we could see how things progress before having to make any decisions.

I have another Doctors appointment this week but with a cardiologist - one thing I hate about the American medical system is that you have a different doctor for absolutely every different ailment. This appointment was insisted on by my OB/GYN to check out my heart murmur to ensure that my heart will be able to cope with a labour - he doesn't want me having a heart attach while trying to push I guess. I am confident that everything will be ok as I have had this heart for 39 active years and never even knew that I had a problen until last year.

Here are some photos from my baby shower for those who have not already seen them on Facebook. I do plan to blog about the shower but just in case I don't get around to it I thought I would share the photos on here.


So feeling good for now, tired as not sleeping but just taking it nice and easy.

Other news for future blogs will be our new house!

Take care

H Xx