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Friday, June 18, 2010

Goodbye Doggy Friends.

Yesterday was my last day at my hobby job and it was quite a sad event. I had some of my regulars and my favourite three doggy pals to take care of.
I surprised myself as to how attached I became to the dogs. Never having a dog myself I always wondered just how much love you would get from them and I certainly found out that it is a lot. Even only seeing the dogs once every weekday and not being their owner they gave me such a lot of love. I have given up the walking slightly earlier than I had intended but it was motivated by a couple of reasons.

The weather has been really hot and the temperature has been in the high eighties or nineties most days (thirties celsius for the Brits). This along with the high humidity has been quite sapping of my strength. I sometimes forget that my body is supporting two people at the moment and it does get tired out a lot quicker. Walking over 5 miles in that sort of heat every day does eventually take its toll. This added to the fact that I have a very busy July with several family members coming to stay, I decided that it was best for myself and the company if I just packed it in completely.

So here are some memories of my three favourites:

To Plato the Standard Poodle. He is my number one favourite and shows so much love despite being a bit daft - definitely relies on his looks rather than his brains to get through life! His owners tell me he was moping about the house on Wednesday after I left and would not even go to his master. They swear he realises I am leaving and is depressed because of it, not sure myself whether a dog would be able to sense this. I have made a friend through Plato though with Esfira the Russian Grandmother who looked after the child in the house. We have swapped contact details and hope to continue to have afternoon tea a few times over the summer as we had started doing this after I had walked Plato. Plato will be surprised when I turn up at the house as a visitor.This little one is Ellie a rat terrier/chihauhau cross. From the early days when Ellie was so scared of everyone that she would not come out from under the bed and actually snapped at my finger the first time I went into the house to her running to meet me at the door and jumping all over me with love. I still find it hard to think that someone could have abused this little mite the way she had been abused as a puppy but glad to see that through some tender, loving care we have helped gain her trust and shown her that human beings can give her some love.
This old dear is Sheba a black Lab. Now 13 years old I am not sure how many more years she will have left. Her owner Barbara will certainly do all she can to ensure she has as long and happy a life as possible. She also asked for my contact details so I can tell her when the baby is born as she wants to sent a baby gift but does not want to send it before the birth. Hopefully, I will get to hear how Sheba is doing as well at that time.
I was also happy that I got to take my replacement around with me yesterday so I could introduce her to the dogs and some of the owners and let her know all their little habits and dislikes. I think she was grateful as well as it makes her job a lot easier knowing where everything is in each house and having met the dogs there is not that trepidation as to what you are going to be facing when you enter a new house.
Well I always knew it was just a hobby job but it certianly served it's purpose, particularly getting me outside over the worst of the winter. I need to try and keep going out a walk every day to keep some movement and fitness even while pregnant but at least I can go out earlier in the morning when it is a lot cooler and less humid.
So Goodbye to all my Doggy friends, I will miss you all very much. Xx

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