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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Layette?!

What is a Layette?
It is a term I had never in all my 39 years heard of until I found out I was pregnant. Even during friends and families pregnancies the term had never appeared in my awareness and vocabulary.
I first came across it when I starting reading some pregnancy books and there it was used in abundance as if we all knew what the author meant. It was only when we phoned my In laws and my Father in law - an extremely eloquent, well read man - mentioned something about getting the babies Layette ready. Well I thought, clearly I am the only person in the world (apart from my darling husband) who has not heard of this term. So a quick google search produced the following definition:

A layette is a collection of clothing for a newborn child. The term "layette set" is commonly used in the United States to refer to gift sets of baby clothes.

Traditionally, women would hand-sew their baby's clothes during their pregnancy. Today "layette" is often used to identify a baby clothing section of a store. The term can also be used for bedding, accessories, and baby care items

Well perhaps that is why I have never heard the term as it is most common in the US.

My next question is how does one pronounce it properly. I tend to pronounce it Lay et, although I have heard people say Lie et. Perhaps our resident Linguist, the LovelyTreez, can give me her expert guidance on this?!

After finding out what the hell everyone was talking about I set off on the task of producing myself a traditional Layette for Junior. As I have not sewn for many years and don't possess a sewing machine I am limited to knitting what I can for the sprog. I also mentioned in a previous blog about the tradition of knitting shawls and blankets that my Mother used to do. Well on this note I picked up one of her old patterns and made my first attempt at a pram blanket. I am quite pleased with it but especially with the thought that I am carrying on a family tradition. I would have loved one of her own hand knits but I have no way of getting them now, even from family in the UK .

So here is my attempt at a pram blanket:

This photo is trying to show how the leaf detail is actually raised to give the blanket some texture.
Here are some fluffy mittens for the winter.I fancied trying something with blue in it, in case it was a boy so just added some blue edging to this simple cardigan and mittens.

Then I fancied trying something pink and frilly in case it is a girl, so did these girly bootees and mittens with ribbons.

Well that is all for this blog as I just wanted to share my latest crafts. Just finishing a coat for baby to come home in and will then do a wee hat to keep the head warm. After that I will be attempting the seond of my Mothers patterns and doing a swaddling shawl. I bought some nice cream wool for this so will make an attempt and share the results in due course.
Take care all and next update will be very soon as I have my 20 week scan this Friday. Photos of the bump to come as well as it is getting quite big - well for me anyway. Xx


  1. I quite like the word Layette, like you I have never heard it before thanks for educating me!
    I love the blanket, I am very envious of your knitting skills

  2. The blanket is fantastic Hazel, I love the design. The other bits are lovely too. I had heard the term layette but it's a bit old fashioned these days. Are you going to knit a matinee jacket?
    (Sorry, this is Sarah - eightlegs - my daughter has obviously logged into here googlemail today, which is why her name is at the top!)

  3. Check you out!!! Fab stuff - well done xx (I pronounce it lay-et too!)

  4. Knitting looks great. You have a great talent and so much patience to do it, just make sure you don't poke you eye out this time..............


  5. Oh Fay don't exaggerate, I only pierced my cornea in my knitting accident!! Note to everyone don't try and scratch an itchy eyebrow with a knitting needle while knitting...

    Sarah, Not sure what a matinee jacket is but will search through my patterns and then decide. Xx

  6. Hazel - love the blanket - your so clever! xx