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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Food Glorious Food

Hot Sausage and Mustard
While we're in the mood
Cold Jelly and Custard
Pease pudding and saveloy
What next is the question.........la la la

And what next IS the one question I am getting fed up answering at the moment.

With my pregnancy nausea (and I refuse to call it morning sickness as that would suggest a respite from it for the rest of the day and night!) I have found that the only way to keep it at bay is to constantly eat. If I go more than 90 minutes without eating something I am then very nauseas and off kilter for the rest of the day. A great "problem" to have most people will say and, yes, for anyone that loves food, imagine having an excuse to eat so often in a day. The issue comes from having to constantly think up what to eat next.

Breakfast is fairly easy as I start off with a bowl of muesli before I get up properly then 90 minutes later I have my second breakfast (just like a wee Hobbit) of toast and some sort of eggs. Then I go out to walk the dogs for several hours and have to pack my lunch and snack bag as if I was going on a major military campaign in the desert. One just gets so bored with the same food over and over and after a couple of days I have to rethink all my snacks and come up with a complete alternative set. Living in America is making it easier as they have so many choices and you can get everything individually packed to keep fresh on the go but still I find I am struggling to think up new and tasty foods that I can stomach.

But think positive Hazel, so far the baby is healthy. You get to try lots of new foods that you normally wouldn't eat and you have not yet gained any weight.

For once in my life I am actually looking forward to having a sticky out belly and gaining some weight. It is quite a mind blowing concept for me not to have to worry about crunching those abdominal muscles. I have even cancelled my gym membership for now as it was costing $100 a month and I just was not going to use it. I am walking at least 5 miles each weekday anyway and from May the outdoor pool will be open as well so I am sure I will go swimming most days even just to cool down. Any other exercise like yoga and pilates can just be done in the house with the help of the fitness channel on tv or some home exercise dvds.

I am now in my second Trimester and looking forward to the nausea going away - unless I am one of those unlucky people that have it for full pergnancy but no, positive thoughts, it is going to go away in the next week for sure!!!

Well what else have we been up to? Last weekend we had some lovely weather with the sun out and temperatures in the high seventies. Jar and I put the roof down on the Miata and drove with a picnic to the National Arboretum. I had visited there at the end of last summer (in a previous blog and photos on facebook) and I suggested that we go so he can see it. We had a lovely walk and picnic in the woods and a lovely drive with the wind in our hair.
After the Arboretum we decided to stop at Eastern Market - a sunday flea market and farmers market at the back of Capitol Hill. It was a lovely stroll and I found a second hand bookshop and a baby clothes consignment store, so I will definitely go back for a better browse another time.

As we were driving home we had to drive past the Capitol Building and the Mall. It was on the Sunday that the Healthcare reform bill was being signed by the Senate and there were various protest marches for and against this bill and regarding immigration reform (it was all a major story on the news over here). There was supposed to have been several hundres thousand people shipped in from around the country for the protests and it was interesting to see them. We didn't stop and get out as, you can imagine, there was no parking available but still interesting to drive through.

Stopped off on the way home for a lovely treat of Ben and Jerrys ice cream in Bethesda - baby wanted ice cream!!!!!

Well just a short one for this week as still not up to doing too much.

On a serious note, my thoughts are with Laura Croxson and her family as she is going through a rough time at the moment.

Well bye for now and all hae a nice week - Spring Break over here for a lot of people. Xx

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