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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guided tour of our new home

Thought I would share a guided tour of my new American home. It is not typically american though as it was advertised as having a Tuscan feel about it. It is a small freehold farm and used to be run by the owners as a small organic farm so it still has stables attached at the back from the basement, so plenty of storage space under the house. It is a bit cluttered still as not decided where everything goes yet.
Hope this inspires some people to come and visit.

The photo to the left is in the Au pair suite, which is a self contained bedsit type unit off the basement. Would be perfect if we could rent it out or for people staying to give them their own space.

Through the glass brick wall is the shower room and toilet.

The kitchen and dining area of the Au pair Suite

Below is one side of the bedroom of the AP suite

Other bed in the AP suite. Both these beds pull out to doubles or 4 singles so plenty of room if my nephews and niece some to stay.

The two are the main tv room. It is raised above the back garden and has a lovely view over our back field and lets in lots of light. The bookshelves hold my non-fiction and childrens books and some author sets that I couldn't fit within my A to Z non fiction

Another angle of the tv room

Below is one of my kitchen/dining area. The opening in the wall leads to the tv room and the door down to the basement and stables.

Another angle of the kitchen - spot my recipe books?

The door at back right leads out onto back step where I go to read and the side garden.

The kitchen dining table. We don't have enough room to house our formal dining set so it is stored in teh basement but this one came with the house and does a good job for us.

The back step complete with reading chair

The first of the grapes

the cherry tree

The front garden

the front path which leads out under an arch of Wisteria through a quaint little wooden gate

The front door under another arch of Wisteria and my other reading chair

Bobby asleep on the bed - how cute!

The master bedroom complete with snoozing Bobby.

The spare bedroom

Spare bedroom - the walls happen to match our existing bed covers

Guest bathroom

Music and reading room with doors leading through to study

Music and reading room from other angle complete with cleaning cat!

Music and reading room and non fiction bookshelves all neatly in A to Z order.

Another angle with my piano and barometer.

The fireplace in the music and reading room for a real fire in the winter.

The study and my leather reading chair and stool

the study and new laptop

My old books in the study

The master ensuite shower room

The dressing room - through the ensuite shower room from the master bedroom.

The shoe storage on the top landing - yes and more books

Master bedroom door to ensuite

Well thanks for sharing. Hope you are all well. Xx


  1. Thanks for posting! It looks lovely inside and out. The wisteria and the reading chairs are my favourite :) Bobby looks so at home.

    How organised are you!! Books in order and shoes all in order!
    K x

  2. love the house hazel. looks like you ve been busy! xx