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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Amazing American Adventures of Hazel and Bobby

My Journey Over – Thursday April 30th 2009.
Well I have eventually arrived in America after many months of talking and planning.
My flight over was pretty uneventful except I had a heavy cold and fever and was not very well but just kept dosing myself with Flu and cold remedy and made it in one piece. I swear the air steward was monitoring me for Swine flu or something as he kept asking how I was and seemed to be monitoring me more than I would have expected. I didn’t read very much because of my cold but managed to get through some of Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult, although slightly disappointed in it after hearing a lot of hype from my friends on RISI.
Arrived at Washington Dulles airport 15 minutes early and got through passport control in 30 seconds (it normally takes at least an hour) but there was no queue and I was in the first 3 from our flight to get there (I did have to knock over a few grannies though - lol). My bags were also waiting for me and so I then walked through arrivals for my loving welcome from my husband but he wasn't there! He had mixed up my flight times and with me being early and sailing through passport control he had only just left the house, so I waited 20 minutes for him outside. I must say I wasn’t that impressed as I was hoping for a warm welcome. There is something nice about coming through the doors at an airport arrivals to be met by someone to give you a cuddle. That is one thing I always missed when travelling on business and having no-one there to meet me. Not quite the warm welcome i expected after 6 week but I got over it. Got a lovely welcome from Bobby the cat back at the house and from our house guests of my brother in law and his friend. Bobby had survived his long journey over via Dunfermline and Frankfurt and has already been outside and he seems to have settled into his new house very well. Hubby thought I was mad as I would swear that Bobby had a wee hoarse voice when I first arrived and I put it down to him having whinged his head off the whole way over and straining his throat – he just sounded slightly different!!
I am still trying to get over my cold so not been doing very much yet. I have despatched hubby and house guests off to the baseball this afternoon (Saturday) so I can chill on my own for a bit. Hope to go shopping on Sunday to get my own laptop and some other bits and pieces. Still treating it like a holiday at the moment but will click into real life next week I think.
Will try and keep a weekly diary so everyone can see what I am up to.
Hope everyone is ok. Xx


  1. Hope your cold is getting better Hazel x

  2. Great to hear all your news.Will be following your blog with interest,xx

  3. hi hazel, hope u feel better and look fwd to your blog xxx

  4. Hi Hazel. Hope you're feeling much better now and still having that holiday feeling. Txx